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“Every Mother Needs A Midwife, And Some Women Need A Doctor, Too!”

An article from the Boston Globe “Call (Back) The Midwife” looks at midwifery today in the U.S. and how we need a cultural change to make birth normal and not high risk.  Read the article HERE.

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Midwifery Benefits? Improved Outcomes For Moms Who See Midwives, Review Finds

A review that was just published by the Cochrane Library finds that regular midwifery care for the duration of pregnancy is associated with better outcomes for moms and their babies.

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Midwifery Myths Set Straight

nmw-bustmythThe profession of midwifery has evolved with today’s modern health care system. But there are many myths about midwives in the United States based on centuries-old images or simple misunderstandings. You might be surprised to learn the truth about some of these common midwifery myths.  Check it out here.


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Happy Mother’s Day!!

Picture 012From all the nurse-midwives at HealthPartners

we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!!


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Want to be Like a Princess? Use Midwives!!

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton just gave birth to her first child using Midwives!!130723150642-03-royal-baby-0723-horizontal-gallery

She had an unmedicated, 11 hour labor that was attended by a team of 4 Midwives.

To find out more click here.


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New Mothers Take Note

Every new mom should read this great article in The Atlantic on motherhood and dealing with a new baby.  Being a new mom  is wonderful, but it isn’t always easy either!

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Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE)

ECFE is a Minnesota Department of Education program that offers joint parent/child classes for children from newborn to kindergarten in every school district in Minnesota.  It is a wonderful way to connect with other parents in your neighborhood, engage in fun activities with your children and talk about family and parenting.

I took my first ECFE class when my oldest son was 6 weeks old.  It was a new parent class so everyone in the class was a first-time parent of a newborn.  Parenting a newborn is an intense experience and having a group of people who are going through that same experience at the same time was an invaluable source of support.   Several of the mothers I met in that class are still some of my closest friends.

I took several more ECFE classes in the next few years.  The classes felt like a moms group, preschool class, social hour and resource for all my burning child-related questions wrapped in one.  I looked forward to them every week.

Even though my kids are in elementary school now I still refer back to things I learned from ECFE.

Check out the ECFE website for more information and classes.



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