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The Politicization of Childbirth

This is an excellent article on women, birth and a model that is seriously out of step with what women want and need.  Yes, one more reason to…CALL THE MIDWIFE!!!

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“Every Mother Needs A Midwife, And Some Women Need A Doctor, Too!”

An article from the Boston Globe “Call (Back) The Midwife” looks at midwifery today in the U.S. and how we need a cultural change to make birth normal and not high risk.  Read the article HERE.

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Be Like a Princess and Call the Midwife!!

130723150642-03-royal-baby-0723-horizontal-galleryPrincess Kate used midwives for the birth of the new little royal Princess Charlotte.  Read more about it here.

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Midwifery Benefits? Improved Outcomes For Moms Who See Midwives, Review Finds

A review that was just published by the Cochrane Library finds that regular midwifery care for the duration of pregnancy is associated with better outcomes for moms and their babies.

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Midwifery Myths Set Straight

nmw-bustmythThe profession of midwifery has evolved with today’s modern health care system. But there are many myths about midwives in the United States based on centuries-old images or simple misunderstandings. You might be surprised to learn the truth about some of these common midwifery myths.  Check it out here.


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New Video on Midwifery Care!

The ACNM (American College of Nurse-Midwives) just released a new video on Midwives.  Please watch this important video now to explore the many reasons midwifery care can improve birth for moms, babies and their families!!

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Is There A Natural Way to Induce Labor??

That is a good question!  Link here to see if any of the ideas you have heard really work.

Karin Marshall, CNM

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Celebrate Midwives!!

Today is international day of the midwife!

Midwives from all over the world will try to raise awareness for the importance of the profession for women globally.  This is the day to call on the public and its governments to invest in healthcare in order to improve services, infrastructure, and reproductive health policies so that all women can have access to safe care.  Give your midwife a shout out or hug today.

HealthPartners Midwives 🙂

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Water Birth: What To Do

As I am sure many of you have read that Allina Hospitals has temporarily suspended all water births at their hospitals.  We are in the process of trying to get that re-established as quickly as possible.  In the mean time we want all our patients who have consented for a water birth to continue to have that option.  What you will need to do is sign a consent for Regions Hospital and make sure you meet their criteria.  They will be happy to accommodate your desire for a water birth.  At your next visit ask your midwife and she can answer all your questions and get your consent signed and faxed over to Regions Hospital.  Sorry for this unfortunate circumstance and know that we are doing everything we can to meet your needs.

HealthPartner Midwives


Take A Virtual Tour Of The Mother Baby Center At Abbott

Don’t have time for the real thing?  center_slideshow4

Now you can take a virtual tour of The Mother Baby Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

Of course you can do both.  They offer tours every week.

Sign up for a free tour on-line or call 866-904-9962.


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