Midwife Matters

Pregnancy preparations, women's health, and care options

Maria Wolff, CNM

Health Center for Women Clinic

I have been a nurse midwife for over 13 years.

My work as a teacher led me to midwifery. After college I taught in rural South Dakota. I was working with and teaching young parents when I became acquainted with a midwifery practice that was serving the community where I lived. I volunteered at the clinic and shadowed nurse midwives. I was deeply impressed and changed by the nurse midwives role of advocacy for health and wellness for the community. I returned to Minnesota and enrolled in a nursing program at St Catherine’s and then the nurse midwifery program at the University of Minnesota.

As a nurse midwife, I am honored to be an advocate for health and wellness for women throughout their lives. I feel like lucky to practice in Minnesota, where midwifery is available to women and a standard of exemplary care.

Outside of work I am a full time mom to two wonderful children, I have an outstanding husband and faithful old dog named Lucky. We are an active family, who loves the outdoors, hiking, biking, swimming, traveling and reading together.

Fun facts about me – I love the North Shore, I have a secret hope to farm some day and loved my days bus driving my students to school in South Dakota.

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