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First OB visit

Things to do to give your baby a health start:

1) Read and review the prenatal book given to you at your clinic before each visit.

2) Choose healthy foods and gain the recommended amount of weight for your size.  Ask your provider if you have questions regarding a special diet.

3) Take your prenatal vitamin or folic acid supplement of 400mcg.

4) Follow guidelines for safe exercise.  Low-impact aerobic activities, such as walking,  swimming and yoga are great for you during pregnancy.

5) Make healthy choices for your baby by avoiding alcohol, smoking and social drugs.  No amount is safe.

6) Watch for warning signs of bleeding of any sort, with or without cramping.  Notify your provider immediately.  Call if you cannot keep fluids down for more than 24 hours.

7) Learn about the changes you and your baby will experience during pregnancy.  You may notice nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, frequency of urination. These are due to hormone changes.  Your baby’s brain, spinal cord and stomach are developing and it’s heart is already pumping blood!

8) Get your flu shot during flu season.

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