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Physical Issues for a New Mom

Many changes occur during pregnancy as you know however, after you have your baby you may notice some new changes!  Here are some common issues and ways to manage them.

Mood Swings

Caused by hormone fluxes, stress and FATIGUE! 

Get REST as much as you can.  Ask for help with whatever you need.  Most often people that want to “help” want to hold your baby….not the help I’m talking about.  Ask them for something specific.  Do the laundry, make a meal etc. Contact your midwife if sadness or anxiety continues for more than 2 weeks or caring or yourself or baby is overwhelming.


Engorged breasts:

Swelling with more fluid and breast milk production 2-5 days after delivery may occur regardless of breastfeeding or not! 

Heat or ice for comfort.  If breastfeeding nurse frequently, wear a supportive bra, will improve in 1-2 days.  Contact lactation support (651) 641-3111.


After Pains:

Cramps of the uterus, often with effective nursing which stimulates the uterus to contract.  Worse cramping with each child thereafter.

Use Ibuprofen or tylenol.  Heat packs to abdomen with nursing.


Increased Vaginal Bleeding:

Too much activity! 

Rest more, use only pads- no tampons.  Redness and vaginal discharge should decrease by 3-4 weeks after delivery.  Call clinic asap if you saturate a pad in 1 hour.


Perineal Discomfort and Hemorrhoids:

Swelling from delivery, episiotomy. 

Ice for 1st 24 hours, Warm tubs soaks after that.  Witch hazel/tucks pads, stool softeners.  Kegel exercises.  Heals in 2-3 weeks, stitching is absorbed.  DO NOT use a “doughnut” pillow.


Sweating and Increased Urination:

Body losing extra fluid from pregnancy and iv’s.

Empty your bladder more frequently, especially before breastfeeding.  improves within the 1st week.



Change in abdominal pressure and swelling after delivery, hormonal changes

Increase fluids and fiber (fruits and vegatables best!)  Stool softeners as needed.


Skin coloring, Hair thickness:

Skin darkening and pregnancy rash due to pregnancy hormones, extra hair growth during pregnancy.

Darker skin and stretch marks fade with time, no treatment needed.  Exra hair is lost within 2-4 months.


Sciatica Pain:

Nerve irritation due to extra weight and pressure during pregnancy.

May continue after delivery, heat, tylenol, position changes.  Chiropractic and massage care.




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