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Healthy Pregnancy Care 22 weeks

1)  Learn about the warning signs of preterm labor (preterm labor does NOT have to hurt) :

-Low dull backache

– Contractions, may not be painful!  May just feel “tight” like baby is in a ball.

– Menstrual like cramps

– abdominal cramping with or without diarrhea

– increase in pelvic pressure

– increase or change in vaginal discharge

2)  Register for expectant parent classes, including childbirth classes.  Breastfeeding classes, VBAC and big brother/big sister classes are great too!

3)  Plan to have your gestational diabetes screening at your next appointment (26-28 weeks).  It takes 1 hour.

4)  If  you are considering permanent birth control (tubal ligation) after the birth of your baby, discuss this at your next appointment.

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