Midwife Matters

Pregnancy preparations, women's health, and care options

Lois Cannon, CNM

Brooklyn Center Clinic

West Clinic

I have been blessed to be encouraged by families and friends in my nursing and midwifery career. One of my first jobs was working in Labor and Delivery in California, where everyone received a tap water enema, a perineal shave, and IV. Labor epidurals were called ” Cadillac anesthesia”, many received Pitocin augmentation follow their epidural, everyone delivered in the delivery suite, many with forceps, babies all went to the nursery following delivery. I was pregnant when I moved to Minnesota and was blessed to be cared for by a wonderful group of women, the Health Partners Midwives, who encouraged me to become a Midwife. I also worked with a fantastic group of nurses at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, many of whom are still there, mentoring new nurses as they mentored me. I feel blessed to be part of this wonderful profession and truly love my job. I am married, have two children. I enjoy music, sing in a gospel ensemble, and love playing scrabble on line.

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