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Hello world!

on January 17, 2013

Welcome to Midwife Matters!!  We are so excited about starting this website/blog! 

Let me tell you a little about us…We at HealthPartners are one of the largest Midwife groups in the United States and have been around since 1974!   There are 27 midwives in our practice and we deliver approximately 1,600 babies a year at Regions Hospital and Abbott Northwestern Hospital (soon to be The Mother Baby Center).  Our cesarean section rate is under 14%, well below the national rate of 30% and our VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) rate is 70%. 

We are a group of professionals who are dedicated to caring for women throughout their lives.  Every woman is different with individual needs and concerns and we respect that.  Our philosophy and goals of care are about empowering women to make their own decisions about healthcare while giving them the necessary information and tools to make those choices.  We are so fortunate to work with women from many different cultures and backgrounds and feel a unique connectedness to our patients and their families.

So why start a website/blog?  There are several reasons I wanted to do this.  Foremost I wanted a place to showcase how great midwives are and to clarify who we are.  I have been a midwife for 18 years and the first thing people say when I tell them I am a midwife is “So you deliver babies at home?”  The other one is “I would have used a midwife but I wanted pain meds.” There is such a misconception about our profession and I wanted a place that women can go and learn about midwives.  Also it was important to me to have a site where you can find health information and resources you can trust all in one place.

Imported pictures 037Information such as what clinic is closest, what services do we offer, water birth information, resources on breast-feeding, prenatal classes, depression and a host of other topics.  We will inform you of upcoming community events, blog on topics that are important to you and your health.  We also have apps to keep you up to speed with the latest information and changing technology.

This website/blog is in its infancy and we have lots of ideas for the future including deals for our patients at local shops, weight management, nutrition and menopause.  So stay tuned and come back often!!!!

Karin Marshall, CNM

5 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Melissa Avery says:

    Hearty congratulations on your launch!

  2. Marisa Houghland says:

    This is a great resource from a wonderful group of midwives–thanks for making this available :). I look forward to checking back regularly to see what topics are covered and will pass this resource along to friends!

  3. Kathrine Simon, CNM says:

    Great Job Karin! It it a honor to work with and learn from you!

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