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Healthy Pregnancy Care 32 weeks

1) Discuss travel plans with your provider

2) Discuss possible changes in sexuality during later pregnancy and discuss these with your partner.  Different positions during sex may be more comfortable.

3) Discuss your future choices and plans for contraception.

4) Start to develop an idea of what you want your birth to be.  If you had a cesarean birth talk about plans to try labor (trial of labor after cesarean TOLAC)

5) Review the information about hospital divert status. (What happens when the hospital is full and patients must go to another hospital)

6) Watch for any warning signs, such as sharp abdominal pain, vision changes or constant headaches.  Report them immediately if you experience them.

7) Expect to be tested for Group Beta Strep (GBS) infection at your 36 weeks via a vaginal/rectal swab.  You may also have a vaginal exam to assess cervical dilation.

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