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A doula is a non-medical coach or labor support person who assists a woman and her family before, during and after childbirth.  They do this by offering emotional support, physical assistance as well as providing information.  Having a doula has shown to be beneficial to a laboring woman and her baby by decreasing interventions including cesarean sections and increasing satisfaction in the birthing experience.  The goal of the doula is to make the woman and her family feel safe and confident in the birthing process.


This is a site all about doulas.  What is a doula, why use a doula, how to find and hire a doula.

The Twin Cities Doula Project

Twin Cities Doula Project is a new group of doulas who are working together to provide free labor support to moms who want a doula but can’t afford one.

Everyday Miracles

Everyday Miracles is a charitable,  non-profit organization dedicated to reducing health disparities.  Their programs provide perinatal education and doula (childbirth assistance) services to low-income mothers with the objectives of improving birth    outcomes, parent-infant attachment and breastfeeding skills.

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