Midwife Matters

Pregnancy preparations, women's health, and care options

Kris Tromiczak, CNM

St. Paul Clinic

My path to midwifery began with my pregnancy and the birth of my first child. Several months into my pregnancy, we moved to southern Georgia where I had the wonderful care of a midwife. I knew next to nothing about pregnancy and birthing, so it is accurate to say that I stumbled into midwifery care. It’s what happened to be there! My midwife was my guide on a miraculous journey. She kept me informed about what was going on at the various stages of my pregnancy and helped me cope with the challenges. I must admit that I found the summer heat of Georgia plus pregnancy more than a little uncomfortable. Planning on having 2 children, I sometimes found myself wishing that my pregnancy was twins so I would never have to be pregnant again! It is definitely a miracle and an incredible experience, but it sure can be uncomfortable! Although I had a pitocin induction for that first birth, I have to say that I LOVED giving birth. I kid you not; I really did. Definitely the hardest thing I ever did. My midwife was incredibly supportive during labor and birth. She helped me believe that I could do it. She was excited to use the new birthing bed at the hospital, so I got to deliver in a squatting position with a squatting bar. I was fortunate to have my second baby with a midwife, as well.

Because I had a great experience with my midwives, I wanted to help other women have the same kind of experience. I felt empowered by my midwives, really convinced that I could trust my body.

I started working with Health Partners the Autumn after I graduated from the University of Minnesota midwifery program in 1998. I feel so fortunate to work with many wonderful families. I love the other midwives, doctors and nurses I work with; what a great collection of brilliant minds and compassionate hearts!

I spend my leisure time walking my dog, sewing crazy quilts or knitting. I also love to play card and board games and watching movies. Gardening and cooking are also on my list of favorite activities.

My husband found this poem while we awaiting the birth of our second child. We included it in our birth announcement, and it reminds me of the mystery of new life and the connections we all share.

“Conch” by E.B.White

Hold a baby to your ear
As you would a shell:
Sounds of centuries you hear
New centuries foretell.
Who can break a baby’s code?
And which is the older –
The listener or his small load?
The held or the holder?

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