Midwife Matters

Pregnancy preparations, women's health, and care options

Midwife Philosophy/Model of Care

Midwives believe that all women deserve access to quality, individualized care that is safe, effective, women-centered, and efficient.  They advocate for active participation in all decision-making by incorporating the most updated scientific evidence to guide their practice.  Fully informing women about their bodies and their choices for care and treatment is necessary when developing the safest plan of care.

The midwifery model views women, unique in the context of their lives, as the central focus of their care.  Within her family, culture, career, discomforts, desires, knowledge, opinions, and beliefs, the midwife seeks to support and protect her beyond her physical health.  Understanding that maturation and childbearing are normal life processes, midwives work to maximize and promote healthy, and safe outcomes.  Midwives strive to empower women with an emphasis of health promotion and disease prevention.

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